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Thread: Daniel Cormier to file formal complaint if Roy Nelson rocks Hillbilly beard in Housto

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    ...and you all wonder why women who post here wouldn't want their identities to be public knowledge.

    in a nutshell, I warned a couple dispshits for posting dispshit stuff. People whined about not getting to say "gay" enough. I explained there are homosexuals who post here who are actually pretty great posters, far better than the guys whining about not getting to say "gay" enough. Pashak then wanted to know who the women were, which prompted more whining, and in the process, he brought up that your wife posted, and then quit. I indicated it was probably because she was tired of dealing with morons who couldn't get over her gender. There was additional whining after that.


    Why is it you feel the need to call people names it's really uncalled for u should have the ability to get your point across without stooping to such a low level.
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