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Thread: White: Mir vs. Overeem is definitely do or die

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pasha K View Post
    Why they would be worried about that?
    AO may dominate everybody and become champion in Bellator or WSOF, but at the end no one will consider him a legit Top 5 fighter because everybody will remember how much he failed in the UFC.
    you fail to recognize how good AO's marketing is. Before he'd beaten a top 10 fighter--ever in his career--he had people ranking him top 5...some even top 3. He managed to turn the whole SF debacle around so that ignorant fans were convinced Fedor was ducking him, instead of the other way around.

    AO gets picked up by Bellator, kicks over a few more cans, and comes up with an excuse for his performances, and people will be convinced he'd kill JDS and Cain at the same time. If he has a great showing where he doesn't gas in the first 4 minutes, people will declare he's solved his greatest weakness, and his marketing machine will kick into overdrive.

    keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer...? Bellator is picking up interest with utter washouts like rampage, whom nobody has been convinced was top 5 since 2009, AO would be a very charismatic big fish in a very shallow pond. dana can talk all the shit he wants about him, even a juicing AO is more likeable than dana white.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VimyRidge View Post
    How much do top 10 heavy weight boxers make? Dana is paying his boys peanuts.
    Compared to boxers, yes. But unfortunately for MMA fighters, that's irrelevant in this situation.
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