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I had it scored
Round 1 Gus
Round 2 Jones
Round 3 Gus
Round 4 Jones
Round 5 Jones

Fantastic fight!!! Gustoffson was truly a worthy challenger, and his footwork imo is his biggest asset. He busted up Jones worse than Ive ever seen before and almost won. As for Jones, he REALLLLLLLLLYYYYY needs to work on his dirty boxing, and setting up his takedowns with strikes. Say what you want about Jon Jones, but this man has an indomitable will to win and is officially battle tested.
How'd you figure that? Gus took Jones down and controlled the stand up all round.

IMO best Jones could've hoped for in that fight was a draw, Goose won round 1 and 2 easily the 3rd was close but I'm pretty sure it was Goose's. The fourth was close with a clear argument for both fighters the fifth was Bones' fucking judges should pay attention to overall strikes landed, agression and control, fuck that 1 big move wins a round no matter what happens the rest of it.