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Thread: UFC 165: Jones vs Gustafsson

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    Wow, Gustafsson is the man!!
    The fight was very close and IMO Gus won rounds 1, 2 and 3. 4th and 5th were easily for Jones.
    There will be for sure a rematch one day, because this was an amazing fight and easily one of the best (If not the best) title fights ever.
    This will be for sure fight of the year.
    I honestly thought that Jones would absolutely dominate Gustafsson, and we all saw that it was not the case at all.
    Gustafsson landed tons of punches, and showed an outstanding TDD.
    Also big props for his huge heart, because he was almost finished in round 4. I thought that in round 5 he would get demolished because 1 minute to recover after that 4th round was not too much. And still he really did a good 5th round!

    Amazing display by both of them. Jones actually did a lot of very good things too.
    This has been probably the second best MMA fight I have ever seen (First one was Shogun vs Hendo).

    For the other fights:

    Barao vs Wineland:

    That kick was impressive but I wish the bout lasted longer than that because Wineland was doing very good actually. He probably won the first round and was looking very good until the kick.

    Mitrione vs Schaub:

    There is nothing really to say here. Mitrione is a good fighter with very strong power in his punches, but seriously he has no place in the main card of a PPV.
    Though I will always like him for retiring Kimbo Slice from MMA.
    Schaub...he looked very good actually, landed some good shots and well, he showed that he knows BJJ stuff despite his huge fiasco in Metamorsis.

    Costa vs Carmont:

    Costa was probably prepared for a whole different type of fight. He is strong as hell, he has excellent TDD and yet he was taken down easily and was completely controlled the whole fight.
    Carmont may be actually a legit threat to the Top fighters. He looked very good! And training with the likes of GSP will make him even better.

    Nurmagomedov vs Healy

    Awesome first round by Khabib, in second and third he was beginning to get hit in the stand up so he did a very good job of taking the fight to the ground and controlling it there. Also, that slam was beautiful.
    But IMO he is still not ready for a title shot. To me it looks that a really good striker (with good TDD) will give him a lot of trouble, and to me, Anthony Pettis or Ben Henderson look much stronger than Khabib.
    I think a fight with Ben Henderson would be nice to see how ready he really is, if he beats Bendo in a convincing way, then yes, he is ready for a shot at the title.
    Anyway he may very well be a future champion, he is still very young.

    Few points:

    - Rogan should seriously educate a little bit himself before talking about things he has no idea about.
    If he has not any idea of what is that stuff that Khabib wears in the head, he should inform himself before saying in TV a stupidity like "Man, one day I will ask him why he is wearing that blonde wig".
    Then Goldberg fortunately clarifies that it is a hat, and when asked about why Khabib is wearing it, Goldie answers with a stupidity of his own: "I don't know, because he is Russian hahaha".
    Seriously they both looked like absolute idiots in that one.
    The hat Khabib is wearing is a "Papaxa", it is a traditional hat of Dagestan.

    - Talking about Joe Rogan. Where did he saw a thumb to the eye from Gustafsson is something I do not understand at all. Even in the replay you can see there was no thumb to the eye at all.

    - The crowd was very respectful. It was not that they were cheering for Canadians and booing the fuck out of foreigners. They respected every fighter.

    - Dana White was looking very pissed after the Barao fight.

    - It is understandable that fighters show emotions after they win a fight. But I wish some of them control themselves a little bit.
    Backstage when there are no cameras they can do whatever they want, but when you are in front of thousands of people, and millions of people around the world are watching you, you can control yourself a little bit better. In this case I am talking about Schaub and Barao
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