“I don’t worry about this stuff,” Teixeira said on the Fox Sports Post-Fight Show. “For sure they’re going to give me another fight, I don’t want to wait for the rematch.

“It is the way it is, I’m not going to say that he doesn’t deserve a rematch. It was a phenomenal fight and we’ll see what happens.”
“Alex proved that Jon Jones’ wrestling can be stopped. Jon Jones proved he can fight off his back too, and everyone was wondering about that. Now we know what he’s going to do.”

UFC president Dana White is unsure whether the Jones vs. Gustafsson rematch will happen immediately, but if it does, then Teixeira will be given another fight before he gets a crack at the title.

“We’ll give Glover another fight (if it happens),” White said. “I like the idea. I think that that fight was awesome, and I think it was one of those fights that people would love to see again. It would be hard for either one of the fighters not to think they should rematch.”