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Not sure who exactly had Frankie beating Aldo, and yea he had a terrible weight cut and lost the 5th and maybe the 4th round in that fight. But he has consistently beaten better competition the last 3 years than anybody else. Including guys who have moved down to his weight class. Which for me cements his P4P status.

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- Aldo vs Edgar: I personally scored it 48-47, but I think people going nuts over the 49-46 like it was a robbery may need to watch the fight again. The 3rd and 5th round were both very close. Only the 4th went clearly to Edgar. Nonetheless, it was too bad that Aldo abandoned his leg kicks after the 3rd round as it was a huge difference maker. Edgar is just awesome. It just sucks how close of a 2nd place he is at 2 weight classes. He is probably the only guy who is still one of the top p4p fighters after 3 straight losses. It really should be Aldo vs Lamas next, but that text message from Pettis now may say otherwise. That would be a crazy fight.

Overall great event.
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I was leaning 48-47 Edgar, but I wouldn't have a problem with 48-47 Aldo. But when the judges show such blatant bias by scoring it 49-46 Aldo, it makes you question their ability to score the fight as well as its outcome.
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Poor Frankie. Still one of my faves of all time, these judges man. I guess he needs to mix it up more, I feel if he chased it he could have won one and two tbh.

Breaks my heart seeing a real warrior who puts it all on the line every fight get the shit end of the stick all the time. But it is what it is. Hope he stays at 145 and works his way to another shot.
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Gotta admit, I just don't like Frankie, In fact I hate him..... but I had Frankie winning that fight 48-47 by taking rounds 3 through 5.
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I had Frankie winning the last 3 and the fight. I get that not everybody has it that way, but 49-46 what the fuck man?!?!?! These judges suck so much.
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I give it to Frankie 3,4 and 5.......

Won't be shocked if it's a draw.
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48-47 Edgar.
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come on frankie edgar 3-2
oh fuck my stream