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Thread: Anderson Silva plans to ‘give back the knockout’ at UFC 168

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    Default Anderson Silva plans to ‘give back the knockout’ at UFC 168

    "I (will) give back the knockout," Silva told Helwani when asked how he believes he will defeat Weidman on Dec. 28. "I’m working hard now. Chris is the new champion and is a great fighter, but I'm training hard. The new Anderson is coming."

    The Brazilian plans to end the fight with a knockout, but he doesn’t expect Weidman to stand in front of him at UFC 168.

    "I (will) train more jiu-jitsu because Weidman come to fight me and (won’t) stand up together in this fight," he said. "Go for the ground, go for the ground. I train more jiu-jitsu, and ninjitsu."

    Silva admitted that his life has changed a lot since losing the title, and most of the people, including fans, has treated him differently since. But he doesn’t seem to care.

    "It's normal," he said. "It's the game. But my family is normal. This is more important for me. My sons, my wife, my brothers and dad. Other people, whatever."

    He doesn’t feel he needs a devastating win to prove he’s the best middleweight in the planet, though.

    "Come on, bro, definitely no," Silva said. "I'm working hard for a long time. My big goal is train the kids, new athletes coming. I’m normal guy. Sometimes I have good day, sometimes I don't have good day. People will have the new chance to see the real Anderson. It’s normal."

    After his first loss in the UFC, Silva said Steven Seagal shouldn’t get all the credit for his devastating front kick knockout over Vitor Belfort, and he explains why.

    "I have a good relationship with master Seagal," he said. "He is a great man, great master, but I worked hard the front kick for a long time. I started martial arts and my first master showed me the movement. I've trained Capoeira, Taekwondo, but one day master Steven Seagal came to the academy, watched the training, watched my front kick and said ‘you move (to) the left’ and that's it. (He doesn’t) showed the kick and bla, bla, bla. He's not my coach, he's my friend."

    UFC 168: Chris Weidman is now ‘100-percent healthy' for rematch against ‘serious’ Anderson Silva
    "All American" shocked the world by knocking out the former pound-for-pound king in the second round, ending "The Spider's" long-standing reign in the 185-pound division and proved that, despite popular belief, the Brazilian bomber was indeed human after all.

    And he did it all feeling "sluggish" and not 100-percent, thanks to two surgeries he went through a few months prior to the "Sin City" showdown. I guess that evens out the playing field, considering that many felt Silva only lost due to the fact that he was "acting inappropriately" inside the cage.

    But, ahead of his much-anticipated rematch at UFC 168 on Dec. 28, 2013, Weidman is confident he will be more comfortable and healthier inside the cage when he takes on the "serious" version of "The Spider."

    He explained during his recent appearance on "The MMA Hour:"

    "I'm expecting a war, just like I expected the first one. I'm going to be going for the finish. I expect to feel better in this fight, I won't have to deal with coming off two surgeries. I just feel like a was a bit sluggish in that last fight; didn't really feel 100-percent myself, but I got the 'W,' which is good, but in this next fight I feel like I will be a bit more comfortable and confident to go out there and do what I gotta do."

    He continues:

    "I knew going into this fight that I was going to have to fight him again and that's what I wanted. If there wasn't a lot of doubters right now, this next fight wouldn't be something that people want to see. But, there are a lot of people that can't fathom Anderson Silva actually losing to anybody. So, that fact that I got him and knocked him out while he was doing his taunting that he does in every one of his fights; people are just going to say that he wasn't serious. So, I guess the ‘serious Silva' is going to come out on December 28 and we will see if I got lucky or not."
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