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Thread: Is Johnny Bones the LHW GOAT?

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    Default Is Johnny Bones the LHW GOAT?

    Simple question, do you feel he is the greatest light heavyweight of all time RIGHT NOW? If not, who do you feel is. I'll throw up a poll later.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    i'd say yes as of right now he is in indeed the best 205lb fighter the world has ever seen
    with Teixeira biting at his heels

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    I know a lot of people are not fond of Jones and may try to discredit him, but I think he is easily the best LHW of all time. All the other guys in consideration such as Wanderlei, Chuck, Tito or Shogun are quite behind in my opinion. Jones isn't just setting records here but he is doing so by beating much more credible fighters than a lot of the other guys have. It's crazy to think that he has achieved this status this fast into the game.

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    Jones is easily #1. I dont see a credible.argument for anyone else.
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    Ya, I guess so, however, he just almost arguably lost to the first guy he has fought that he didn't have a 10 inch reach advantage over.

    Although, I guess that criteria would not negate him for the question at hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBEAR View Post
    I agree.

    IF he did not have a huge reach advantage over everyone I do not think he would be nearly as good as he is. talent wise no he is not the GOAT. He wins cause he is so much longer than everyone else.
    That's like saying Chuck Liddell only won because he hit harder than everyone else.

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    Knockout power isn't regulated by a company or commission though. Chuck Liddell would still have massive KO power if the weight classes were a little different. I'm not saying anything against Bones at 205. If he can make the weight then great, he should be fighting there. I'm saying it's a good situation for him. He has the perfect body for that weight, and there would be a significant drop off if he changed weight classes. I view him as the mma weight class answer to a system qb. He'd do good anywhere because he is good, but the way things are set up only help him, and that catapults him into another level.
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    He pretty much demolished the division that I used to think was the most stacked and made it look shallow, so I think he probably should be ranked up there. Hard to put another lhw above him.

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