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Thread: Is Johnny Bones the LHW GOAT?

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    It was also Gus's 1st ever 5 round fight. Would Gustafsson have gotten as tired and lost the last 2 rounds if he had a couple of challenging 5 round fights under his belt? Because to me the reason he got rocked and lost that 4th round in the first place is because his footwork dropped off a bit because of fatigue...and obviously he was pretty exhausted in the 5th as well. But of course he was using alot of energy the 1st 3 rounds with that footwork, but still, it's an experience he hadn't yet had and perhaps he address it can make a couple adjustments in a rematch.

    I personally have always thought pretty highly of Gus. He lost to Phil very early in his career, and his since been training with that same guy...we know Phil needs work on his overall game, but you can't deny what he brings in the wrestling and overall grappling department. Wouldn't mind seeing him get a 5 round fight vs somebody before fighting Jones again. Rashad or Mousasi would be another good 5 round fight for him imo.

    As far as Jones being the greatest LHW...yeah, in a way, but as others have said, he's the bigger and by far the taller man in every fight he's in (now with the exception of Gus). He still does the work to cut the weight, though.

    Plus, we all know where Rampage and Shogun were at when he beat them. And he beat Vitor and Sonnen before they even had any recent fights at 205. Neither guy had ever been successful at that weight class when he fought them. He did basically own them, though.

    I think beating Gus, Texiera, Cormier, and of course a Gus rematch (to me the 1st fight was a coinflip) would really solidify it and destroy any arguments against it. I hope Cormier can make the weight. You just gotta beat some newer, hungry, big challengers to really set it in stone imo
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    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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