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Thread: Is Johnny Bones the LHW GOAT?

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    The guy is legitimately 20-0 (if Hamill didn't puss out and quit that fight) and has beaten 5 former champions in Rua, Rampage, Machida, Belfort, & Evans. He's #1 and it isn't close in my book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBEAR View Post
    I agree.

    IF he did not have a huge reach advantage over everyone I do not think he would be nearly as good as he is. talent wise no he is not the GOAT. He wins cause he is so much longer than everyone else.
    That's like saying Chuck Liddell only won because he hit harder than everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleJack View Post
    (And for the record, I still think the oblique kick is cheap regardless of who uses it and should be banned)
    Quote Originally Posted by SWIFTboy View Post
    I rode a horse. Banged in a hot spring.
    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    Knockout power isn't regulated by a company or commission though. Chuck Liddell would still have massive KO power if the weight classes were a little different. I'm not saying anything against Bones at 205. If he can make the weight then great, he should be fighting there. I'm saying it's a good situation for him. He has the perfect body for that weight, and there would be a significant drop off if he changed weight classes. I view him as the mma weight class answer to a system qb. He'd do good anywhere because he is good, but the way things are set up only help him, and that catapults him into another level.
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    Greatest LHW., you can't deny.

    Most talented? Nope.

    He relies strictly on length. And thats not considering the illegal/dirty strikes he does (elbow to the throat, oblique kicks). If he had a regular size advantage like say Silva or Gsp, or just was a regular sized lhw, he wouldn't be where he's at now.

    Saturday we got a glimpse of what HW would look like for him.

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    The talk of Jones moving to HW always was premature. Jones does not have the skill-set yet to deal with larger opponents, nor does he have the level of experience necessary to have pinpoint accuracy. Jones is still young and will do best to stay at LHW until his body can no longer make the cut.

    Cain or JDS would slay Jones. It's not fear that keeps Jones from moving up; it is rationality that keeps Jones at LHW. Why jump off a successful path while you still have avoidable obstacles in your way?
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    As much as I dislike him, yes he is. I think a great deal of his success though is due to his massive size and reach advantage over everybody else. He's not the most skilled LHW fighter of all time, but with the success he's had you pretty much cannot argue that he's the most accomplished and dominant LHW fighter of all time.

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    Ok, I can't stand Jones as much as the next guy but not to consider the guy the greatest LHW we have ever seen is ludicrous. Most have brought up his length advantage at the top of their argument list but this is a little convoluted since if that is all it took, then Gus should also be a monster in the division. Not taking anything away from Gus as he has looked really good as of late, but he has looked very average just as many times. Struve is another example of a guy that holds a significant height and length advantage over most anyone in his division but Mark Hunt disproved the notion that length is all it takes. While I do consider Jones' length a big factor, his athleticism, wrestling and muy thai are way above the average elite fighter. I guess my point is that he has a fantastic overall game that is going to be difficult to deal with for most anyone. I do look forward to the day that he meets his equal. I'm not sure that Gus is the guy. He put up a great fight on Saturday night but this is the first time that Jones has looked remotely challenged. Did Jones have an off night? Was it a fluke? I'll be rooting for Gus to smash Jones in their rematch but will not be surprised to see Jones dismantle another guy that we thought would finally make Jones look human.

    I can't stand the useless dribble that comes out of Jones' mouth. He either sounds arrogant and conceded or he appears to be trying too hard to recite what was wrote for him by his management. Again, I can't stand the guy but I am not going to take anything away from him either. Just trying to be honest with myself and all of you.

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    After watching what someone with a chin and great tdd does coupled with striking, a prime Liddell would maul Jonny Boy.

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