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  • Chuck Liddell

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  • Bones Jones

    24 54.55%
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  • Wanderlie Silva

    11 25.00%
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Thread: Is Johnny Bones the LHW GOAT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by classicironman View Post
    was really surprized chuck hasnt had more votes. In my opinion you cant just look at his wins but all the time Dana had him being Tito's body guard. so actually Chuck should be credited with both strings of wins.
    Chuck couldn't beat Wandy, Shogun or Rampage in his prime. Pride had the better fighters at the time.

    Jones is currently still in his amazing run (although I think he just lost), which keeps his accomplishments at the forefront. I'll state again that i don't think he's beaten any elite fighters in their prime. My question for the forum is...If Jones loses his next fight and never reclaims the belt will he still be viewed as the GOAT a few years from now?
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