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Thread: Is Johnny Bones the LHW GOAT?

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    Default Is Johnny Bones the LHW GOAT?

    Simple question, do you feel he is the greatest light heavyweight of all time RIGHT NOW? If not, who do you feel is. I'll throw up a poll later.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    i'd say yes as of right now he is in indeed the best 205lb fighter the world has ever seen
    with Teixeira biting at his heels

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    I know a lot of people are not fond of Jones and may try to discredit him, but I think he is easily the best LHW of all time. All the other guys in consideration such as Wanderlei, Chuck, Tito or Shogun are quite behind in my opinion. Jones isn't just setting records here but he is doing so by beating much more credible fighters than a lot of the other guys have. It's crazy to think that he has achieved this status this fast into the game.

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    Jones is easily #1. I dont see a credible.argument for anyone else.
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    He pretty much demolished the division that I used to think was the most stacked and made it look shallow, so I think he probably should be ranked up there. Hard to put another lhw above him.

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    Ya, I guess so, however, he just almost arguably lost to the first guy he has fought that he didn't have a 10 inch reach advantage over.

    Although, I guess that criteria would not negate him for the question at hand.

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    100% yes. His body of work is impressive.

    Defeated five consecutive former champions.
    Longest win streak in UFC LHW history at 10.
    Youngest fighter to win and defend a UFC title.

    There are more statistics that can further give his standing credence. Combine all of it, and it's hard to argue against him.

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    He's done a lot in a brief time. Wandy was unbeatable for a long time. I'd like to see some longevity to say GOAT. Don't know that he's beaten an elite fighter in their prime. That being said he's beaten a who's who list regardless of their specific timeline. I don't think he's remotely close to being the most talented LHW of all time, but he does an amazing job of utilizing his physical advantages.

    For what it's worth, I thought he lost to Goose. I think my complete disdain for Jones combined with what I thought was a loss may be weighing heavily in my thought process.

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    I dislike the term greatest of all time. It's really hard to compare fighters from different eras. And I still think Jones lost to Gustafsson, the only fighter that doesn't have a 10 inch shorter reach advantage compared to Jones. It's pretty easy to keep shorter fighters away with kicks and jabs. Technically he isn't that great, but his unique physique gives him a huge advantage over most of the division, especially in the big ass Octagon where it's even easier to get away if your opponent get in reach.

    At least in my eyes Jones reminds me of Semmy Schidt from his K-1 days. Technically bit clumsy, who has few techniques that work for him great and he uses those to his advantage, but once someone actually presses the action and actually gets to hit him, they get bit confused and don't seem all that unbeatable.

    And no, I'm not saying all of his success come down to his size advantage. Some of it, yes. Obviously he has great wrestling as a base no matter what his size is and his coaches are some of the best people to come up with gameplans that result in a victory.
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