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Thread: MMA Fighter Dies Moments Before Shooto’s Weigh-Ins in Brazil

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    Right now, somewhere, there is a film student who is kind of into MMA and he doesn't know what he wants to do with himself. He should go and start a documentary on weight cutting. Talk to fighters about their experiences and get stories of the best and the worst of them. If it's done right, it could be incredible. If he wanted to go buck, he should go into the HS and college wrestling scene, and meet with doctors about the impact it can have on developing physiology.

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    Meanwhile, you have complete imbeciles on this board insinuating kris cyborg is somehow scared or up to no good because she was instructed not to drop down for rousey.

    Fucking ridiculous.
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    What if weight classes were ranges instead of hard numbers to hit? Same day weigh ins could help, but what if it's ok to be 5 pounds over? or how about doctors determine the lowest healthiest weight a person can fight at and the promotion doesn't allow that fighter to fight below that weight? I wonder if people would still give Cyborg Santos shit for not trying to make 135? I can't say I ever blamed her, and after this I can't see how anyone else can either.....
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