Outside of Khalidov, Okami utterly moonwalks through every MW not in the UFC. Hell, I have him still beating over 90% of the UFC's MW division.

Today, I have Okami beating Costa, Carmont, MAYBE Bisping, Kennedy, Wand, Le, Leites, Tavares, Craig, Markes, Frankin, Larkin, Leban, Camozzi, Ring, Hall, Watson, Natal, Lawlor, Herman, Dolloway and anybody lower ranked, and that's not even factoring in the major names he's already beaten.

Dana's "roster is stacked" comment is a crock when you look at the slew of those names above(and that's only the MWs) and how many are going utterly nowhere in the division.

One could argue that Dana doesn't want a guy like Okami to play constant spoiler to guys who have momentum, as he's such a neutralizing fighter, that he can suck the wind out of the sails of a Belcher or Lombard or Munoz, while contendership-wise Okami is probably never going to crack the top five again. But from that, there are so many guys who have shitty records on the roster right now who have nowhere near the technical acumen and overall talent, I'm not to impressed with this move.

I wonder if this move has anything to due with the Bisping injury? I could see him turning down a short-notice matchup against Munoz and that pissing Dana off to cut him, but if that is the case, we'll hear about it down the line....