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Thread: UFC releases Yushin Okami

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    It's so weird, I personally think Okami is near the prime of his career. It may just be me, but it seems like he is improving every fight. I was extremely surprised when he was able to take down Lombard.. It's just that when you consistently face top 10 opponents, you are bound to lose. Jacare is no joke, he could very well be the new mw champion by next year.
    I'd be honestly happy to be wrong here. But I keep thinking of the Buddy *Roberts fight - where he was getting worked in the stand up and had to return to the ground game. Overall, I think his chin is fading, his standup is failing to improve defensively, and his ground game is becoming predictable against the top fighters with gameplans (exclude one of my favorites, Belcher, from that for the obvious reasons).

    And totally agreed that a lost to Jacare shouldn't be the tipping point in assessing his career. That dude is increasingly scary!
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