Speaking to the press recently in an interview trascribed by Tom Ngo at, White said that Hall understands, and that the remarks lit a fire

“[I've been] very critical [of Hall]," said White. "He sent me a text and said, ‘I appreciate what you said, it lit a fire under me.’ I said, ‘It better.’

“[We didn't talk beyond that brief text message]. What else do you say to the guy? I care about the kid, I like him. He’s one of the nicest human beings you could ever meet, therein lies the problem. It really is part of the problem. He has no killer instinct, whatsoever.”

White had no explanation for how Hall sent four profession four promising professional fighters to the hospital, without a killer instinct.

“I have no idea!” said White when asked. “And it wasn’t like he had killer instinct on the show, he was catching guys with some good s---. Everybody was saying s--- about Uriah Hall. Everybody was talking about that kid. People were saying, ‘We want to see him versus Anderson Silva.’ That’s how much hype there was behind Uriah Hall.”

After his second consecutive loss, White said he had to think about whther he would rlease Hall from his contract. He apparently thought about it, and now fights Chris Leben on what promises to to be the biggest card in UFC history - December 28 at UFC 168.