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Then what is he doing confronting Sonnen and saying all this other bullshit like he wants to make him bleed, and wants the full 30 minutes and so on and so forth. If you are 'injured' you have no business confronting or talking shit about anyone.
Silva talking shit about Sonnen while injured is no different than Sonnen talking shit about Silva, when Sonnen was booked for a fight already.

So no injured fighter should be allowed to try to set up their next fight or try to secure a fight with an opponent they want to compete against?

If that is the case, I guess Jones should shut his mouth about wanting to fight Glover next... Considering he is on a 60 day medical suspension and all.

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Meltzer's saying there's a chance that the TUF:Brazil coaches may very well be Wand/Sonnen.
I couldnt see any of the Brazil guys wanting or even be willing to be coached under Sonnen.