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Thread: White: Some Brazilian fans turning on Silva

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    Default White: Some Brazilian fans turning on Silva

    At UFC 153, fans mobbed then UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva like he was the pope on a rock tour.

    However, at Sunday’s UFC 168 media gathering in Sao Paulo, UFC president Dana White said that is no longer the case.

    “I was kind of feeling for him coming into Brazil, he was getting a lot of criticism coming here,” said White. “This is his country. He’s been f------ fighting for this country forever. He goes out and he loses one fight, the way that it went down, and like everybody turns on you.

    “In one fight? After all the things he’s done and all the things he’s accomplished?”

    “I’m sure it’s tough to deal with, but he’s handled it like a champ. You don’t ever see Anderson Silva snap or flip out on people. I do, daily, but you don’t see him do it. He always composes himself like a champion and a good dude.”

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    How hypocrite. Now he criticizes the people that bash Anderson after "he has done so much for his country".

    How about he shuts the fuck up and realizes that he talks shit about his own fighters that do a lot for the UFC and make him millionaire.

    In one fight? After all the things he’s done and all the things he’s accomplished?”
    Oh really? And what did he said when Fedor Emelianenko lost his first fight ever in MMA?
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    Hey Pashak, I don't know if you know this, but Dana White is the biggest hypocritical asshole the sports world has ever seen.
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