Twitter is blowing up right now with the news of the UFC's newest signing - undefeated Sergio Pettis!!

Cant wait for this and hopefully this can be confirmed by a reliable source soon but for now here is what i have...broke translation so be warned. According to the report he will be fighting at 135 pounds and making his debut on the GSP/Hendicks card

At 20 years of age and unbeaten in nine fights, Sergio Pettis has signed with the UFC and will make his debut at UFC St-Pierre Hendricks X, what happens next November 16, in Las Vegas, USA, and will celebrate 20 years of the organization. The information was confirmed by the Daniel "Big Dog" Wanderley, jiu-jitsu coach of the American fighter:

- Yes he just signed with the UFC. Signed on Monday and now will fight Nov. 16 - said the coach, who also revealed that Sergio will fight in the same category as the Brazilian Renan Barao:

- He will fight in the division to 61.2 kg, which is the weight-cock. Still do not know who will be the opponent, but they are required to confirm soon. The UFC wanted Sergio before, but the Duke (Roufus) was waiting for him to gain a little more experience to be able to fight at the level of the UFC guys. After you enter has no easy fight, but finally got the chance of Sergio. - Complete.

Daniel Wanderley live in the U.S. for 7 years and is a student of Carlson Gracie Pernambuco. He was hired for three months to be the coach of jiu-jitsu Roufusport MMA Academy - Duke Roufus Academy (former K-1 fighter) in Milwaukee, where the brothers Pettis train, and was in Sergio's corner on Saturday when the fighter James Porter won the event with a kimura regional NAFC (North American Fighting Championship). After the victory, Anthony Pettis was social networks congratulate younger brother and threw a "indirect" to Dana White, UFC president:

"Congratulations to my little brother! Great win today! UFC here we come! Dana White, the brothers Pettis will take over!" Posted Anthony, what Dana said: "I loved it! Congratulations!"

Asked if Sergio Pettis is ready for the challenge of following in the footsteps of his older brother in the UFC, Daniel said he has no doubt that he is going to be increasingly popular in MMA:

- Sergio is a young fighter, but I never miss a class, it is very disciplined, very fond of training, dedicated much. It is a humble fighter and learns very fast. Surely have a bright future in the UFC! - Daniel Wanderley bet.