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Thread: Ian McCall apologizes for tweets about hating the homeless

  1. Default Ian McCall apologizes for tweets about hating the homeless

    Ian McCall issued an apology for his tweets that talked about hating the homeless, stating that he wasn't talking about all homeless. He just despises junkies.

    Ian McCall was the latest UFC fighter to take to Twitter and unleash some regrettable comments. McCall's tweets focused on his "hatred" for the homeless.

    He did eventually backtrack some by clarifying that he only hated junkies who were homeless, and used his own struggles with addiction as a sort of shield from criticism. But that didn't last too long before he took to The Underground to issue an apology:

    I was having a shitty day and some junkie was talking shit to me and i took it to twitter. I have nothing against the homeless I dont even know why i used that word, it has nothing to do with psychiatric people or PTSD people. Anyone that knows me knows how much charity work i do. I just had a problem with this junkie talking shit to me and i apologize to everyone that i said that. I used to have a drug problem now i despise junkies. I'm sorry for offending anyone it came off as a total asshole thing to say and for that i am sorry.
    I wonder how much of Ian's charity work is with drug addicts and if they're aware that he "despises" them.
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    Usually when a public figure uses the words "hate" and "homeless" in the same sentence it's to decry the state of those less fortunate than them and to speak towards the need for solutions to one of America's long standing problems. Flyweight Ian McCall, however, is not that figure judging from the tweet he sent out early Wednesday.

    Ian McCall ✔ @Unclecreepymma

    I hate the homeless ... I don't feel sorry for you. If you want change then let me throw it as hard as I can at your dirty face
    11:26 AM - 2 Oct 2013
    As a former drug addict, who has gone through a series of trials and tribulations over his MMA career (including a recent arrest due to lingering associations with his criminal past), McCall is in something of a glass house to be casting stones at those less fortunate than him.

    I don't know that he'll see any fallout from the UFC code of conduct, as this seems pretty similar to the sort of statements made by Josh Thomson. While arguably more inflamatory, Dana White roundly dismissed the comments as "stupid" but also said that he "wouldn't suspend him for having an asinine opinion." As McCall isn't making any personal attacks and hasn't actually thrown change at a homeless person, he'll most likely still be available to fight Scott Jorgensen at UFC on Fox 9.

    What do you think? Is McCall way out of line? Or is this just another case of athletes being over eager to share private views in public?

    UPDATE: McCall later clarified that he only hates homeless Junkies in a pair of tweets, one a response to criticism from the UFC's Isaac Vallie Flagg:

    isaac vallie-flagg ✔ @IKEVF

    @Unclecreepymma fortunate

    Ian McCall ✔ @Unclecreepymma

    @IKEVF I did it myself. I'm focusing on junkies here not PTSD and lay offs etc should have clarified. Its called hard work and not giving up
    12:13 PM - 2 Oct 2013
    There are many paths to freedom, not all are peaceful

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