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Poor Vera......can't catch a break from the roiders.
Ha! I was thinking the same thing. At least Rothwell didn't play the bongos.

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IMO, what's the point in keeping him at all, if we know that he'll be coming back at a probably deflated version of himself without the "help"? I know the division is shallow as fuck, but it's not like he's moving the needle and I'm pretty sure he won't be coming back looking as good as he has recently.
Man, I started to respond to this stating that I'm a Rothwell fan and that he shouldn't be cut. But, honestly, the Vera win came at the end of a so-so performance and Rothwell's only great performance was the Schaub fight. There's a pretty good argument that he's below gatekeeper status and a guy who can't keep his name out of the (negative) press. I think I'm with you FG, but very sad about it.