Gustaffson Leaves Alliance Training Center

"It's time to come home"

After feat brawl - now moves "The Mauler" home

"COSTS TOO MUCH," Alexander Gustafsson no longer need to stay in the U.S. to train with the best.

Alexander Gustafsson is a boxer who went to San Diego to learn how to wrestle. Less than two weeks ago he wrestled down the world's best. Now he moves again.
- It's time to come home, he says.

The loss against Phil Davis 2010 was a rude awakening for Alexander "The Mauler" Gustafsson. His wrestling could not compete with the best and he decided to join David Alliance Gym in San Diego. Three years later he became the first ever to wrestle champion Jon Jones in a match he subsequently lost through the verdict . And just like after last loss is the time to move.

- It's time to come home. Now I'm in that stage of my career that I will compete three or four times a year so I can not hold on and go off all the time. It costs too much and it takes too much time away from my family. It's simply not worth it.

It might as well get used to having the whole training camps here in Sweden and create the routine here. Now I am in a position that I can fly in the quality sparring I personally want, that I was not before. It will develop myself even more.

"Can fly in the quality sparring I myself want"

In three years, Gustafsson located their most intense training weeks, just before the match, at Alliance in San Diego. During that time, he has struggled against some of the best in the world, but also with an increasingly obvious homesickness.

- It's been hard, it has. Hard training every day and then be away from their loved ones take their toll. But at the same time it has given me focus, I might as well not shield it.

Can be against close friend

But there is another reason to "Alex" Now deselect Alliance in San Diego. His former slayer and now a close friend Phil Davis.

- We do not train with each other as much anymore. We belong to both the top and that's not a difficult guess that we'll meet again soon. It's not a dream opponent because we are friends but UFC decides that we should meet as we make it, so it feels better to not train together right now.
*NOTE: Translated from Swedish