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Thread: Caol Uno – Ready for Vale Tudo Japan and Looking for a UFC Return

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    Default Caol Uno – Ready for Vale Tudo Japan and Looking for a UFC Return

    PDG: This next fight this weekend will mark your 50th professional bout. What do you believe contributes to your longevity in the sport of mixed martial arts?

    Caol Uno: My love for the sport of MMA. The desire of wanting to improve, get better, and stronger is the drive for me to continue in MMA until I can continue no longer.

    PDG: Out of all the great battles you have had with some of the biggest names in the sport, what have been your favorite and why?

    Caol Uno: All of my fights are memorable, and they all meant something to me. But if I had to pick a fight, it would be my second fight against BJ Penn (Draw at UFC 41). It was very memorable for me.

    PDG: You are thirty-eight years of age. Some consider this be an older age for fighters. Do you believe you are still at an age to make another run for a title?

    Caol Uno: I’m not going to say I can take the title, but my challenge is to get back into the UFC for the 3rd time, at this age.

    PDG: What indication will let you know when it is time to retire?

    Caol Uno: I want to continue in the sport of mixed martial arts until my body won’t let me anymore. I want to continue until my doctor tells me to stop [laughs].

    PDG: Since fighting in the UFC, you have fought only in Japan. What truth is there to the statement that when other fighters have to travel from Japan to the USA that it lessens a fighter’s performance?

    Caol Uno: The change of atmosphere and environment might affect the fighters. But I feel that thinking too much may affect your performance more than you think. The fighters who fly over there, and just have the mindset of doing what they are supposed to do, perform better than those who over think about the difference and make it a big deal.

    PDG: Your upcoming fight this weekend is back with Vale Tudo Japan. As your second fight with this organization, what makes them an exciting company or platform to fight for?

    Caol Uno: My ultimate goal is to challenge in the UFC for the 3rd time, at this age, and by competing in this cage, and winning in this cage gets you the credibility to go to the UFC, just like Horiguchi did after his last win. Also, I originally fought for Shooto, so I want to support what they are trying to do, and motivate other Shooto competitors.
    PDG: How much interest is there to fight on American soil again? Is there any North American organization besides the UFC that you would like to fight for?

    Caol Uno: I would have to say it all comes down to the UFC for sure. That is all I am focused on.

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    ...everyone wants to return to the UFC

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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