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Thread: Elite XC 5 years later

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    Default Elite XC 5 years later

    Neat story whether fully true or not.

    I have no idea what to put in but check it out. Kind of a long read.

    [QUOTE Fight Night

    To build a promotion around a street fighter is some David Blaine territory, and, five years later, it’s clear EliteXC and CBS were operating as trapeze artists in October of 2008. Everybody knew that Kimbo had limitations. He could grimace, look mean, roam around with an entourage and pop thugs in the grill with his naked knuckles, but he couldn’t defend a single-leg too well. He was never anything other than fight game ephemera.

    The thing was always a matter of time.

    As the people began to file into BankAtlantic Center to watch the myth of Kimbo Slice fight, backstage a hundred people were bumping into each other searching for solutions. It boiled down to either cancelling the fight, which could be a fiasco beyond repair for all involved. Or they could find an alternative to replace Shamrock. And, with Arlovski-Nelson the only other heavyweights on the card and non-separable, there were two in consideration: Aaron Rosa, the Texan…or Seth Petruzelli, who had recently been cut by the UFC. /QUOTE]
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    It was just priceless how they got absolutely ruined. They even told Petruzelli to keep the fight standing, they relly thought that Kimbo would Knock him out easily hahahaha.

    It was priceless not because Elite got ruined, they were not a bad organization. But it was priceless how Kimbo got absolutely owned and all the retards that were already talking seriously about who would win, Kimbo or Fedor, had nothing to say anymore.
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