“I’m just excited to get back in the cage. I fought two months ago and to get another fight within a few months is great. And its a fight that the fans really want to see, so that’s good,” he said.

“Its a fight that I feel confident in. I am going to go out there and win. I am feeling good, feeling healthy and I feel ready to go. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Their first fight has done more than 1.25 million views on the official Bellator YouTube channel, with tens of thousands more views garnered on unofficial uploads to the same platform. It was a battle for the ages and is still being discovered by new viewers every day. A few of the views have been Chandler himself.

“Oh yeah. It went to the fourth round and I took a real beating in the third, Eddie threw everything he had at me in the third then I was able to finish it in the fourth,” he says when asked if it was the toughest fight of his career.

“But it was two years ago. The only reason I can remember any part of the fight is because its on YouTube and I can go back and watch. It was a really exciting fight because there was a lot of ebb and flow, back and forth.

“This one I hope will be a little more one-sided; I’ve evolved as a fighter over the past two years.”

There is no way that Chandler is preparing for anything other than a war. Even if you had only seen Alvarez on tape, let alone already fought him, you would be well aware that he is a fight who tests your heart and your jaw. Chandler’s admiration for Alvarez is obvious.

“I’ve always admired the way Eddie fights. He fights hard. He’s arguably got a chin problem - he gets dropped in every fight - but on the flipside you can see he’s got a huge heart to come back from that every time,” he explains.

“He got knocked down twice by me in our fight, came back in the third and caused me a lot of pain nad a lot of blood. A lot of people thought he could have finished me in the third; he messed up my face.

“To be able to get back into the fight like that you need a huge heart. He is the kind of guy we need in this sport. But this time I am going to try and put him down and finish him.”