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Thread: UFC picks up Khaliev, Niinimaki, Fili, Stahl, and Garcia

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    Default UFC picks up Khaliev, Niinimaki, Fili, Stahl, and Garcia

    To fill up those newly created roster spots the UFC is bringing on five new fighters. The first is highly touted Chechen prospect Adam Khaliev, who's signing has been rumored for months, if not years, since an electric tornado kick KO. Following Khaliev will be Finland's Tom Niinimaki, team Alpha Male fighter Andre Fili, Sweden's Andreas Stahl, and Tri-Star fighter Alex Garcia.
    *Follow the link for highlight videos on all of them

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    Oh! Another Chechen/Dagestani fighter in the UFC.

    A Finnish fighter! Nice, I do not know if he is the first ever finnish fighter though.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    Electric tornado kick?

    What character are we talking about and which buttons do you have to push??

    Looking forward to seeing all of them debut.

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