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Thread: GSP 'very disappointed' with lack of UFC support for his drug testing

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonesKnows View Post
    you are right, BJ and Rory did use VADA. I didnt actually know that before a google search but i found something pretty interesting when i did do the search. What i found was that there was a VERY similar situation in the BJ/Rory fight as there is for this fight (GSP/Hendricks). Did you know that VADA sponsored and paid for both fighters to take the test?

    So they paid for fighters to take the test before - which brings me to my question of why Hendricks is making this out to be a big deal when it is the exact same thing they did before. Its not like they are making special exceptions for GSP himself.

    Carlos agreed to additional testing when fighting GSP but Carlos also did not want to go the VADA test route and instead asked to use the World Anti Doping Agency... Needless to say, after that request the testing did not happen.
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