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I wasnt trying to point out the fact you said he was juicing, I was pointing out the fact you claimed he was ducking the system and then continued to shit talk him for it. Yet, in this thread, you claim people are picking on GSP or that he is held to a double standard in regards to fulfilling his opponents requests.

Hendricks asking for a different testing agency is no different from Condit asking for a different testing agency. But both requests are different from GSP's seemingly strong desire to only use VADA.

And before you respond with the claim Hendricks initially agreed to additional testing and then backed out, yes, he agreed when the question was sprung on him in the media then back tracked when he learned more about the situation. Hendricks gladly said he would do anther agency..
So when Firas comes out and says that GSP wants to do both VADA and WADA testing for their fight in November to put rest to this entire situation we still dont hear hendricks saying he will accept the VADA. He instead said gsp threw him under the bus with this testing and that VADA is "shady" (thats the exact word he used) to try and discredit it in some shape or form.

It is what it is, i shit talked him because he back out on his word. Call the question "sprung on to him" or w.e other way you want to justify him not stepping up and honoring his word. Hendricks has every right to say "i need to look into it, im not educated enough on their system to answer yes or no but once we look into it we will sit down as a camp and decide whether or not to agree to Vada." If he didnt want to give an answer like the simplest answer would have been "next question" as he holds the right to answer and not answer any question of his choice. He didnt do that. He said hes clean, he doesnt have anything in his system and blah blah which in turn is making him look bad for not signing up for the tests when he agreed to.