I don't think we can draw any hard conclusions from their actions - if it in fact was an intern operating completely outside of the scope of their responsibilities that what else could they have done beyond yank the piece and fire the person who posted it?

Having said that, I find it extraordinary that anyone working for VADA - even a lowly intern - would ever want to be associated with such a transparent character assassination piece. Especially when it is directed at the opponent of a fighter they are working with. I'm also interested in who wrote it (although I use the term 'wrote' loosely) because no-one seems to know. An intern trawling the net for news and posting it without really reading it or thinking of the consequences is one thing; an intern writing it from scratch and posting it is quite another. Because one would have to wonder about why the intern wrote it, who directed them to do so and why they believed it was an appropriate course of action (presumably they had no intention of getting fired).