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    @Qball Even though Hendo wanted to get one last hit in probably, he wasn't actually in the wrong. He landed that shot before the ref touches him. It isn't like Hendo knocked Bisping down, the ref grabbed Dan, and then Dan went for the leaping shot anyway.

    If Palhares started torquing more and more before the ref got there and then let go when the ref touched him, it'd still be douchy, but legal. You don't stop until the ref stops it. We hear that all the time. However, Palhares holds onto the submission even after the ref is trying to rip him off. That's illegal.

    EDIT: Plenty of fighters keep punching or cranking when the opponent is out or tapping. Although I love it much more when a guy just stops or lets go (the honor in it), that's not what they are told and trained to do. <--- That is completely different from continuing even after the ref steps in.
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