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Thread: Palhares vs Pierce - Spoiler Jawns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happypants View Post
    Well, this actually made me happy. I hate to say it because this is someones livelihood and he truly was a talented fighter but I have always hated him because i perceived him as a dirty fighter.
    Yeah, but he obviously didn't give much thought about his livelihood or he wouldn't have continued doing this. Honestly, I don't think he was good enough to be in the UFC. I know I can't say much from my position, but he just seemed like if he didn't get your leg, he had nothing really to offer offensively.
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    UFC official statement on Rousimar Palhares release

    Following the latest infraction, UFC president Dana White banned Plahares for life from the UFC. Thursday night the official statement appeared at

    As announced by UFC president Dana White, the UFC organization has elected to terminate its contract with Rousimar Palhares based on repeated incidents of unsportsmanlike conduct violating the UFC Fighter Code of Conduct and his Promotional Agreement with Zuffa, LLC.

    At UFC FIGHT NIGHT: MAIA vs. SHIELDS on October 9, 2013, Palhares won his welterweight bout against Mike Pierce via heel hook submission in 31 seconds. Pierce appeared to tap several times physically and verbally and the ref intervened physically before Palhares let go. Despite being the only submission win on the card, Palhares was denied the Submission of the Night bonus. Managing Director of International Development Marshall Zelaznik announced at the post-fight press conference that the local commission would be investigating the length of time that Palhares held the submission.

    The controversy is not Palhares' first: In 2010, the New Jersey State Athletic Commission suspended Palhares for 90 days following his heel hook win over Tomasz Drwal at UFC 111 for not letting go after the referee stoppage.

    In 2012, Palhares was again suspended for nine months after testing positive for elevated testosterone after UFC on FX 6.

    CABMMA suspends Rousimar Palhares 120 days following UFC Fight Night 29
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Return Of...... View Post
    I have read both of your post and you seem to contradict yourself in both of them. in this one did you mean he held the hold much longer than the average reaction time? Because the way you word it you are saying the average reaction time was longer than it took for him to release.

    Also in your previous post you make it sound like he should wait for the ref to pry him off instead of stopping once the reg first touches him and says stop.
    I did get a bit confusing there, my apologies.

    It seemed to me that he held the hold much longer than what the estimated human reaction time is. From my really bad (lazy) research, the average human reaction time is .2 - .25 or a quarter of a second. I thought he held that hold for a full second or longer after the ref first signaled that the fight should be stopped.

    And in a fight, he only has to let off the hold, as far as my knowledge of the rules are, when the ref tells him to stop, not the other fighter. Sure, he could release the hold, or at least ease up on it before the ref's instructions if he feels/hears his opponent tap/submit, but he runs the risk of doing so without the ref seeing the opponent give up. So he could be a nice guy and release the submission before the ref says so kind of like a guy not punching someone who is clearly out before the ref signals the end of the fight but it's not mandated he do so.
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    what is this human reaction time shit? 2 seconds? Nobody in the ufc has a 2 second reaction fucking time, not even the refs. Do you know how many times you can get punched in the face in 2 seconds? He held the shit on purpose, glad he's gone for good, he's a piece of shit that tries to end careers and now his is pretty much over.
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