I could really care less how people on here take my post as in my opinion most of the people on this board are too scared of offending others. I have long believed as a society that we have gone too far in the PC direction.

The bottom line is while I do not get the whole transgender thing I could also care less about it. What a person wants to do is there business and has never effected me. Have I cracked jokes about it before. Yes. Do I care if it offends people. No. But again I think people are too sensitive. Have I trashed her for changing from a man to a woman? No. Again its his / her business (and no thats not a back handed slap cuz she was a he when he made the choice)

My issue is her fighting. I do not think she has the right and I do not think the commission should let her. I was all for the commission when they suspended her license and I do not think they should have reinstated it. I am sorry, but choices people make effect what they can do in the future. She was 30 before she became a she. She was a full grown man. If she wants to do anything else in the world fine, but she should not be allowed to compete against women in a combat sport. If you want to think Im a bigot or simple minded thats your choice. Chances are we will not agree on many things but I doubt I really care about your opinion anymore than you care about mine.