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Wait, so you're the one who thinks Fallon got a sex change solely so that she could compete in WMMA because it's easier, and so she can complete her lifelong dream of beating up women, and I'm one of the dumbest people you've ever met?

And because I find this ridiculous, and I challenged you to provide some proof of your frankly batshit insane conspiracy theory, its now somehow my job to scour the Internet looking for proof that Fallon didn't go through the lengthy and arduous physical and psychological process of gender reassignment for the above reasons?

And the only reason that I can't see the truth that's staring me in the face, man, is because I'm some bleeding heart liberal PC moron who's blinded by the PR spin of BigTranny?

In my defence, I guess I'm at a disadvantage here, because I lack your very specific Superpower of being able to read the minds of transgendered MMA fighters. Tell me, do the other X-Men make fun of you behind your back? Because your power seems kind of lame.

For the record, the last time this issue came up on this forum, my position was that she shouldn't be licensed to fight due to completing puberty as a male. At the time I believed that she would possess too much of a natural advantage over her competition. My position wavered when other posters presented good arguments (based on actual medical evidence) that most of those attributes would have atrophied over the 7 years of hormone therapy that Fox has undergone. Still, put a gun to my head and ask me to make a call, and I'd probably have to say no, because there were some contradictory medical opinions about the degree of atrophy, and I think commissions should err on the side of safety.

But to be clear Return Of, just because we are broadly on the same side of this issue that this doesn't mean that I don't think you are as dumb as a box of of rocks. Because I really think you are as dumb as a box of rocks.
Actually, you are showing your stupidity here rather well. I never said He changed SOLEY because of MMA fighting. What I am saying is it was my understanding that as a MAN he couldn't compete very well and now that he decided to become a she she wants to compete in sports against women. My stance, the whole time has been that she should not be licensed. There was a report on here that even said she competed as a he in MMA. It was 30 yr old man who decided he was a woman. I could give fuck all about her or about you. Did I once call her a big Tranny? No I didn't.

You are only upset because I called you out for your PC Bleeding heart bullshit. Its not my fault that you are too stupid to form your own opinion. She is ONLY competing against women because she decided she wanted to be one. To me, that is unacceptable from a 30 year old man. You can waiver all you want. Your kind normally do because you believe everything you read on the internet.

Im done with you. You sit behind your keyboard and call people idiots who refuse to just blindly believe everything they read on the web and don't realize PR material when it is staring them in the face. You can think I am dumb all you want. Seeing as how you are just an internet name and mean nothing to me well.....I actually find you post kinda funny. Makes me this this whole situation hits a little close to home for you.