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Thread: CFA 12 results: Ashlee Evans-Smith stops Fallon Fox

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    Right, so Fox competes in MMA as a man, doesn't do very well, then up and decides to become a woman, and compete against them in MMA. There's a clear causal link there, is that about right?

    Gee, do you think that a decision of that magnitude, that requires such a radical change to ones lifestyle, and such dedication to a years-long therapy plan, and such major surgical intervention (with all of the innate health risks that go along with it) and has such stringent requirements to be met under the assesment of mental health professionals whose job it is is to see if the candidate is really committed or not - might just be based on strong thoughts and feelings that predate her failed run as a man in MMA? That her desire to compete as woman might actually be incidental to her desire to be one, or as close as she can get?

    My stance, the whole time has been that she should not be licensed. There was a report on here that even said she competed as a he in MMA. It was 30 yr old man who decided he was a woman. I could give fuck all about her or about you. Did I once call her a big Tranny? No I didn't.
    The BigTranny line was a joke - like BigPharma, or BigTobacco. Conspiracy nuts like to add the prefix 'Big' to the targets of their paranoia, don't ask me why. I threw it out there because you exhibit some of the same behaviours on this issue. It obviously went over your head but I figure you're used to that.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Return Of...... View Post
    You are only upset because I called you out for your PC Bleeding heart bullshit. Its not my fault that you are too stupid to form your own opinion. She is ONLY competing against women because she decided she wanted to be one. To me, that is unacceptable from a 30 year old man. You can waiver all you want. Your kind normally do because you believe everything you read on the internet.
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, my kind? Oh fuck me dead mate, that's comedy gold. And again with the "30 year old man" line, as if because that's when Fox made the decision to commence the gender reassignment process that this means that's when she decided that it was right for her. You mention all of this alleged 'research' you've done into this issue. You should know off the top of your head then at what age she first started having gender identity issues. Tell me, which came first? The gender identity confusion, or the desire to compete in MMA?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Return Of...... View Post
    Im done with you. You sit behind your keyboard and call people idiots who refuse to just blindly believe everything they read on the web and don't realize PR material when it is staring them in the face. You can think I am dumb all you want. Seeing as how you are just an internet name and mean nothing to me well.....I actually find you post kinda funny.
    I'm glad I have your permission to think you're dumb, although trust me, I didn't need it. I'm also glad you got a chuckle or two out of it, because this exchange is definitely one of the most entertaining I've had on this forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Return Of...... View Post
    Makes me this this whole situation hits a little close to home for you.
    Oh, come on: don't beat around the bush, mate! If you want to take a crack at me, do it properly! I think you're as dumb as a box of rocks and said so: if you really want to say that my opposition to your posts are based on a secret desire to be a woman myself then have the balls to come out and say it! There's no need to pussy-foot about, I can take it, honest. I've never ever run to a mod in my five years on these boards and I'm not about to start now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Return Of...... View Post
    Its sad that there are people who can only accept what they read and what people tell them and can not think for themselves. I have read the material. My understanding of it is Fox was a man, not a boy, already passed through puberty, and was training MMA. Then decided to become a woman and continue a career as a her. If that is incorrect then why don't you produce the proof showing I am wrong instead of writing about how my post sucks.
    This might be the most unintentionally funny thing I've ever read.
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