I dont have an issue with Rampage vs Tito on the card, however it should not be the main event. It really shouldn't even be the Co Main. BFC has a great match-up with Chandler vs Eddie and they could (should) also throw Askren on the card. I can see Rampage vs Tito as being an extra attraction but by making it the main event they are kinda telling the casual fan this is the best we have to offer, 2 guys who the UFC no longer had a use for.

They should have stuck to there original model. Network and tournament. This PPV has loss written all over it. Combine that with casual fans seeing the main even as a UFC cast off (and in this case it really is) it just will not generate that much interest. The sad part is they have some talent yet are for some odd reason refusing to showcase it.

And dont get me started on the Pro Wrasslin build up. I haven't watched it or kept up with it but it has no place in MMA. If Page and Tito want to retire and do a wrestling angle then by all means do it. But I hate wresting and MMA mixing with a pro wrestling story line. I mean really, how many fake fights have they had or will they have after the PPV? How can either one now be taken seriously??