I'm not naive enough to believe that Fedor's handlers were on the up and up but one thing has always been abundantly clear to me:

DW is that kid in your neighborhood that got an XBox 360 and all the trimmings. Then, no matter what logic it defied, everytime he got the chance he talked shit about how terrible PS3 was and how anyone who felt different was an idiot.

Now, from everything I've read and always heard, Fedor is a real person and a person of principle. He doesn't take some of the attacks lightly and would likely have expected not only compensation but a vested interest in his future to ensure those folks who had disparaged him had less of an impact on his marketing and future.

Look at it like this: Would you want a guy who REPEATEDLY goes on record as saying you suck and are horribly overrated in control of your marketing, legacy, and financial future? I would not.

What sets MMA and fighting apart from other sports is that guys like DW can tread water and run their mouth toward the end of a fighter's career and they will undoubtedly begin losing fights as they diminish. Fedor was no different.