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Thread: JDS: I can beat both Klitschkos in boxing

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    Default JDS: I can beat both Klitschkos in boxing

    UFC heavyweight Junior Dos Santos appeared on Mondayís "The MMA Hour" with Ariel Helwani ahead of his title fight Saturday against heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez on Oct. 19 in Houston, Texas. JDS says with four months training (one more than his usual camp) he could beat either of Klitschko brothers, Wladimir or Vitali.

    "Iím a boxing guy," said dos Santos. "I love to box with my training partners and everything but now everybody is saying this, everybody wants to fight with boxing guys. Itís become not sincere. When I say that, Iím sincere."

    "I think if they give me four months to get prepared, I can beat them. In the beginning of all my camps, I do just boxing. I love to train boxing and I think I have enough skills in boxing. I know how to see a good fight. Four months, thatís what I need."

    "I did talk to Dana but just a little bit once. It wasnít very serious. Next time, maybe Iíll do that."

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    That's silly.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    I don't believe you junior.

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    Here we go again.
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    Hell I'd throw money on JDS in a boxing match. Not because I actually think he will win but the odds would be so astronomical that well.......what if lightning struck and the impossible happened? Besides with those odds whats a couple hundred down just in case.

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    You know what I would do with a million dollars? Two chicks at the same time.

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    Just sign it then.

    Enjoy your nap when you throw that uppercut from a step out or hook to the body from the outside.

    I agree with the previous sentiments stating that we pitch a fit when boxers talk about mma guys but somehow think it's ok for the opposite to go on.
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    It is absolutely ridiculous.

    JDS is easily in the Top 3 when it comes to "best boxers in MMA", however one thing is to be a good boxer for MMA and a very different is to be a good boxer for boxing, and another one also very different is being the boxing champion of the world!!

    Klitschko (Wlad or Vitali) in his worst day would absolutely destroy any MMA fighter in a boxing match. Be it JDS, Mark Hunt, Anderson Silva, Gustafsson, or any other very good boxer for MMA.
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    Seeing as he was also able to rock Hunt early in the fight, I think he'd have a puncher's chance for sure. But I can't imagine his pure boxing technique is enough to compete with championship caliber boxers.

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    Oh Jesus...
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