"The Klitschko fucking fight was the most disgusting, embarrassing thing. The fact that he got paid $17 million for that fight. The first fucking punch he threw, they stand in the center of the ring, the bell rings, he throws a punch and holds him. He did it the whole fight; he should have been disqualified for that. Then, in the twelfth round, he didn't throw any punches. That's all he did the whole round (hold). That's the heavyweight champion of the fucking world. Normally, in boxing, the heavyweights, like when Tyson was in there, heavyweight matches were exciting. Who the...I don't know who wants to watch that shit. I watched it and it's literally embarrassing. It's fucking embarrassing. Those guys are an embarrassment to the sport of boxing. Vitali's the exciting one, right? I don't even, I've watched few of their fights and I get sick when I watch their fights."

"When that's your heavyweight champion, the heavyweight division is lost. I saw the Klitschko brothers in L.A one time. They are fucking monsters. They are huge. But, how are you going to fight a guy that doesn't want to fight? That guy doesn't want to fight, he wants to grab you from your head and lay on you. It's embarrassing, it's fucking disgusting. I can't believe they found someone to pay this guy $17 million dollars, it's embarrassing."
Dana White went full retard once again!

Indeed the fight with Povetkin was awful, but it looks that Dana has not seen his other fights.
The Klitschkos may not be the most exciting fighters to watch, but they are not at all a disgrace to anything. They are extremely dominant and they have plenty of KO wins.
They are very intelligent fighters with an amazing feeling of timing. It is not that they throw 6 punch combos. They basically just throw jabs and crosses and ocasionally some uppercut. That is all they throw, but they do it with a such amazing timing, that those basic punches is all what they need to beat everybody.

By Dana's logic, GSP is also an absolute disgrace to the sport of MMA.

IMO he is just jealous because of the amount of money Klistchko got.