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Thread: UFC 166 weigh-in results: Velasquez, dos Santos official for title fight

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    Diego looks ripped. As much as I didn't think he had a chance against Melendez, I really want to see Diego fight his ass off and get the W. Bring back the nightmare!

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    Hector looked drawn out and depleted as fuck.

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    Originally Posted by W.Silva>C.Norris View Post
    so all this talk about how much Roy has lost, and he was 15 lbs under his normal?

    I wonder how many lbs the beard adds. I know my face felt about 40 lbs lighter when I shaved mine off this week...
    Quote Originally Posted by ElvisLaw View Post
    I recall reading that he had to cut to make 265 before so being 15 lbs under without a cut could be 30 lbs or more loss.
    For all of his more recent fights he's been in the UFC he's weighed in between 254-260lb range. So he's dropped a few pounds not 15 though

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