When a fighter loses there are always shitheads that are going to say very negative stuff. JDS is an excellent fighter, with great boxing, great TDD, great chin, great heart and will. It is not that he sucks, it is simply that Cain is really that great!.
At the beginning I was not very impressed with Cain, but since his Rothwell fight I knew that he was really legit.
He is a fucking tank and I do not see anyone capable of beating him today. In few years yes there will be someone, but right now that someone is busting his ass in the Gym and we do not know who is he.

JDS has received insane punishment in his last 3 fights, but he showed amazing heart and courage.

BTW it is just me or Herb Dean was actually beginning to stop the fight in the 3rd round, but then immediately let it continue after he saw thet JDS was still defending himself?