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Damn that really sucks!
It may be very dangerous that he does not remember anything from the fight, I hope he does not suffer serious brain damage in the future.
You gotta agree with Dana when he said that if his team cared about his health and safety, they should have thrown in the towel. I think when a fighter takes that kinda punishment, and he is in fact on "auto-pilot", a ringside physician needs to evaluate between rounds to see if a fighter can describe what happened in the previous round or even know what round # is next. If his team did think JDS was on "auto-pilot", what good was it to give him instructions when he most likely wasn't comprehending what they were saying.

As a cornerman it's a big gamble to throw in the towel, cause you wanna give him a chance for a comeback, but you dont want him to take any more punishment. Perhaps a neutral cornerman for each fighter, whose only job is to stop the fight if deemed appropriate, without the worry of giving the fighter a chance for a comeback.