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Thread: UFC 166: Velasquez vs Dos Santos Discussion Thread

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    Obviously it can happen, but that will take a really long time and JDS must really destroy everybody from now.
    Right now the UFC would be unable to hype a 4th fight between them "JDS KOd Cain in 1 minute in their first fight, but then Cain absolutely fucking destroyed Cigano for 10 rounds in a row".

    BTW I am not sure that Cigano will destroy everybody from now, because I guess that Cain not only destroyed him, but he also destroyed his confidence, and also I think that Cigano's chin will be more weak now, and that is a huge factor for the HW division.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SickNasty View Post
    Do you think it's possible that they fight for a fourth time? I mean, I know they ain't no spring chickens but they aren't ancient by any means. Could a fourth fight happen a few years from now if Cain remains the champ and JDS runs through everyone else as well?
    The only way a 4th fight happens is if Cain loses the belt and JDS beats the person who took the title. There is just no need to ever do a 4th fight other than that. Who really wants to see JDS take another beating like that? I was yelling at my tv several times for the fight to be stopped. He should have never seen the 4th and 5th rounds. It was brutal to watch.
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    yup if Werdum beats Cain that would be JDS' best chance to reclaim gold, or if JDS can somehow get a fight against DC and win. Personally I think JDS is done being a force and Werdum will not get it to the ground, make way for the Warmaster

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    After the kind of beatings he's taken recently, it wouldn't surprise me if he went the way of Chuck Liddell and Andre Arlovski.
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