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Thread: Dana White: 'I would have thrown in the towel' on Junior dos Santos at UFC 166

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  1. Default Dana White: 'I would have thrown in the towel' on Junior dos Santos at UFC 166

    HOUSTON Junior Dos Santos' face told the story of his third fight against Cain Velasquez.

    Unfortunately for dos Santos, it was the same story it told after the pair's second heavyweight title fight at UFC 155 this past December the story of a fighter who had spent the better part of five rounds getting beat up.

    And dos Santos was the first to admit it, telling Joe Rogan in the cage after his fifth-round TKO loss to the heavyweight champion at UFC 166, "He beat me up, man."

    But this time, Velasquez's face was talking, too. It showed that dos Santos was getting his fair share of punches off, despite being down on all three scorecards going to the fifth round before being stopped that round.

    Despite what analysts and fans on social media were quick to applaud as "warrior spirit" from dos Santos for walking through everything the champ had to give, UFC President Dana White said if he was in the challenger's corner, things wouldn't have had to go that far.
    "I would have thrown in the towel," White said after the post-event news conference for UFC 166, which took place at Toyota Center in Houston.
    That's something that seldom happens in MMA. To think that it might happen from the corner of dos Santos, a former heavyweight champion who is regarded as the No. 2 fighter in the division, but now one whose Kryptonite apparently is Velasquez, might seem far-fetched.

    But White believes that would've been best for the Brazilian.
    "I had Tillman Fertitta, Lorenzo and Frank's cousin, sitting next to me and asking me, 'How does this work? Can you throw in the towel?'" White said. "I was like, 'That's a good f---ing question. I think if I throw the towel in, I'll get beat to death by his corner and half of the the fans here and probably next time I (go) to Brazil.'

    "I don't want this to come out the wrong way, but I always like to say if anybody in his f---ing corner cares about him, please, throw in that towel."
    Dos Santos getting through the rest of the third after absorbing a big barrage from Velasquez may be seen as admirable. But then he took plenty more punishment in the fourth and somehow survived, and even got off a few punches and elbows of his own.

    The loss dropped dos Santos to 1-2 in his trilogy with Velasquez. At UFC on FOX 1 in November 2011, dos Santos scored a 64-second knockout to take the title in what then was Velasquez's first defense of the belt. But at UFC 155, Velasquez administered a five-round beating. And Saturday's fight in Houston looked much the same.

    "I think that fight should have been stopped in the third," White told

    "Is Junior dos Santos tough enough and does he have the heart to go through it? Yeah, but does that mean he should? I mean, if you look at the fight, that guy took seven or eight minutes more of punishment that I believe he didn't need to take until it ended. That seven or eight minutes, I don't know, I don't like it.

    "... If you watch that third round again, when he's getting hit, his arms are [by his side]. He's not defending himself. He doesn't have his hands up. He's out."
    But referee Herb Dean let things continue into the fifth as dos Santos kept plodding forward, throwing whatever he could.

    Both fighters said before the fight that the third bout in their rivalry would tell the true tale of who is the better fighter. Now dos Santos goes back to the drawing board and will try to work his way back up the ladder. This time, it might take him longer than just one win in between title fights. Velasquez likely gets Fabricio Werdum next sometime in 2014.
    "Two vicious beatings vicious," White said of the latter two fights in what was called the greatest rivalry in UFC heavyweight history. "By the end of the first round going into the second, his face was already starting to look different. I mean, Cain beat him up both times real bad."
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    I have to say the best part of the fight was when Cain stunned JDS against the cage and came at him with the Crocop-esque combo that Mirko threw on Aleks.

    As a fan, I wouldnt like Dana to throw in the towel and rob the fans of a fight, but he's right that if a fighter's coaches really care about him, they should do what is best for their fighter. Taking 10 rounds of beating like that in less than a year really isn't gonna bode well for any fighter. Having heart and warrior spirit is great and all, but what good is it when you have brain damage and can barely put together a sentence to talk to your family and friends after taking years of abuse to your body and brain being a fighter.
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    I definitely think it should have been stopped but I don't think its as bad as Maynard/Edgar 2.
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