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Thread: Diego Sanchez vs Gilbert Melendez

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    It was entertaining but I wouldn't call it the best fight ever nor even of the year. As some people mentioned before, the first 2 rounds was a showcase of Diego taking a beating. I enjoyed the Jones/Gustafsson fight more because it was entertaining AND pretty evenly contested the whole fight. Same with Hendricks/Condit.

    The third round though was very climatic with the near finish. I still don't think that round was crazier than the first round of Wanderlei/Stann, but still extremely crazy.

    Nonetheless, it was an entertaining fight and it's still surprising [at least to me] that Diego to this day can still get close finishes against better skilled opponents like Melendez and Ellenberger based on heart, aggression and tenacity. I do fear for his health in years to come.

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    I screamed and jumped off my couch when he landed that uppercut. Wish he would have gotten the finish... it certainly wasn't the best fight of the year. It was a very entertaining fight, but Gus/Jones was a better display of even skill, and an insane fight to watch as well.

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