“Its kind of hard to retire from MMA, there’s always something to do. I am always going to be around it, like my brother is in training camp right now because he has a fight coming up so I am training with him,” he told us.

“I don’t mind taking fights if its a big fight that people are going to make a big deal out of. If not then its not really worth it to me.

“I’m not trying to do too much right now. I don’t know if I like the way the sport is turning into something different from when I got started. And I think its a good time for me to take it slow as well.”

Having fought from the age of 18 , sometimes as often as six times a year, Diaz is one fighter who has definitely earned a rest.

The Stockton, California native was in the game well before MMA was cool and he has watched with curiosity as the sport’s commercial side has grown.

Initially a fighter for personal reasons, Diaz has become increasingly fascinated by the commercial side, as he details in an extended interview for the upcoming print edition of Fighters Only Magazine.

Asked by Fighters Only if there was any truth to rumors he was fishing for a middleweight fight with Michael Bisping, Diaz said “I don’t have anyone specific in mind.”