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Thread: 'Retired' Diaz tells Fighters Only "I don't mind taking big-name fights"

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    Diaz vs Jacare would be a sick fight.
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    Yea, I have no interest in a Diaz/Silva fight.
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    There's a lot of hate in here but I'd honestly have to say he sounded realistic and humble.

    He's saying he knows his title chasing days are over and the only fights that interest him are ones that create a lot of buzz or generate some real revenue.

    Is that so bad?

    He may say some dumb shit, but he's earned his stripes and fought his ass off everytime.

    At this point, he's lost to possibly the GOAT at WW and a clear #2 contender.

    If not a fight with Bisping, I want to see him and Diego at 170 in a rematch.
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