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Wait, sooo how does cutting Okami have anything to do with Dodson needing to fight?
Isnt the reason why Dodson can't get another fight soon because the other 6 flyweights in the UFC are booked? You need to cut a top 5 MW for the sake of bringing in a 125lber so Dodson can fight? What about someone like Melvin Guillard, Mac Danzig, Chris Leben, or any other fighters who never cracked the top 10 in their division and had less than stellar UFC record.
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Dana White says that he is not an idiot, then he says that he cut Okami so Dodson can continue to fight. What makes him that?
Keeping guys on the roster means that they need to have a spot for them to fight... when you are only running so many events a year only so many fight slots are available. If someone say like Okami is fighting then that means there is one less available fight on the card. Doesn't matter what weight class you are in there has to be room for you on a card in order to fight.

(Not that I'm saying Okami should have or shouldn't have been cut)