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I always thought the biggest thing that BJ lacked was his ability to come up with a smart game plan and to stick with it. If he used the same strategy he used on fitch, when he fought diaz, he could have easily beat him.
Penn never had a fight plan until he fought Fitch. It was the first time he'd ever employed one. He's stated that in interviews. I don't know why he abandoned it against Diaz.

Frankie is a winnable fight for Penn, regardless.

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And he's still fighting a guy who has 2-0 against him, and absolutely clowned him the second fight. This isn't like Rampage/Wandy III where Wandy was way passed his prime and Jackson had juice in his tank. In the case of Penn/Edgar III, Penn is way passed his prime and Edgar is still in his.
"absolutely clowned him" is a bit of an overstatement. It was a clear and convincing win, but not in any way dominant, in my opinion.

I'm reserving opinion on how the fight will play out and how strong the Wandi/jackson comparison may apply...but I'll go as far as to state the first two fights can't even remotely be compared: Wandi finished rampage in their earlier meetings. Left him hanging "on the fence."

Penn/Edgar 1 was a close contest that I felt Penn won. Regardless of your opinion, it was a razor thin decision.
Penn/Edgar 2 was a clear and convincing win for Edgar, but at no point did he have Penn in danger. He out-busied him. He learned from the first point on how he could score points and he went out and scored them.

Saying he clowned him is like saying Weidman has "dominated" Silva twice. Or that Jon Jones' length advantage doesn't win him fights.