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The refs and ring side docs job is to not worry about public opinion. Their job is to make sure the fighter can keep fighting. And it was clear to everyone besides those people that he should have never came out for the 4th round. Just because a guy can see two fingers six inches infront of his face doesn't mean he is still able to fight. JDS was rocked and getting spiked on his head like that in the 5th round might have shortened his career.

I personally as a fan would much rather see a fight stopped early and have a guy remember what round the fight was finished, than watch a guy take an unneeded brutal beating for 10 minutes and forget what day of the week it is.
I agree with you, just pointing out that in hindsight the refs are always going to get to critcism. It made me think of Fedor vs Giant Silva and Fedor vs Henderson. After the Silva fight, Fedor's camp leaned on the whole "we don't know what would have happened in that last round" and in the Henderson fight Fedor some viewed it as Fedor could have recovered vs he would have gotten knocked out cold after the ending blow. If this never came to our knowledge about JDS not remembering after round 2 would we be talking as much about the potential 3rd round stoppage?