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Thread: GSP vs Lyoto Machida

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    Default GSP vs Lyoto Machida

    Sooo for years thees'e 2 guys have been in my top 5 favorite fighters. I have many times asked myself on skill set alone no weight difference who would win.

    It still has me wondering but since Lyoto's drop to MW this fight is now actually possible.

    I do think with a W Saturday in decisive fashion GSP will retire in cage following fight but lets says Rory gets beat or GSP just doesn't retire and sometime in next year or 2 he and Lyoto meet who wins?

    I am so 50/50 its not funny I believe GSP and Lyoto are 2 of the top 5 most well rounded guys in MMA and GSP's striking is underrated but it is Karate based and I don't see how he could hold and edge over Lyoto there.
    Gsp does have some of the best TD's in MMA but I feel Lyoto has some of the best TDD in MMA, I also feel Lyoto holds a bit of an edge in the BJJ department I really don't know what would happen but I know the thought of this fight makes me gay porn hard
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    If Machida tries to play counter striker the entire fight and lets GSP dictate the pace he loses.

    If he's aggressive then it's more of a toss up but I think his takedown defense and striking wins. When Machida is on his game and not afraid to exchange a bit he's a tough match up for anyone outside of anyone with really fast leg kicks.

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